Cleaning Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

If you are putting up your first home together, you need to pay more attention to your cleaning tools. Cleaning your home is crucial because it can suppress the germs, which can affect the immune system making you sick often. Aside from that, cleaning can also maintain the look and appeal of your house.

You should start with a list of must-have cleaning tools. Here are cleaning tools every homeowner should own:

Double-duty mop

Keep in mind that the key to preventing buildup and damage is cleaning the floor. However, cleaning the floor is no fun because you need to drag the mop/bucket, mix it with your cleaner, wring the mop, and drain the cleaner before actually wiping the floor. After this, you need to wash the mop and dry it for the next day’s use.

Winix ReviewsThis can be exhausting that is why sometimes you forego cleaning the floor. If you have laminate wood flooring, your cleaning habits can make a difference. If you do not want to do it the traditional way, you can consider a double duty mop. You can read from the Swiffer WetJet review that many homeowners consider this because of its convenience and low cost.

Stick/hand vacuum

You forego vacuum because you have hard flooring but it should be considered because of its versatility. A hand vacuum can get the hair and crumbs off the upholstery. It can also freshen your mattress. If you have a car, it can keep the interior looking nice.

Having a stick vacuum can be utilised in the kitchen so you will not be annoyed with whatever the broom and dustpan always leave behind. You can also use this to get rid of dirt from your home’s entrance mats.

Extension dusting kit

It is crucial to dust your walls and ceilings regularly because it can significantly reduce the presence of indoor allergies. However, this is a bit of work. If you are not tall and you do not want to haul a step-stool ladder, an extension dusting kit can make a difference. Aside from ceiling and walls, this can be used to clean the light fixtures and chandeliers.

Good-quality sponge

It is nice knowing that you have a good-quality sponge for your cleaning needs. You should always store classic sponge with the abrasive side as it can tackle any dirty surface. If you want other alternatives, you can consider sponge cloths, which is sponge and towel altogether. You can also consider silicone sponges (which can last a long time) and spaghetti sponges (which do not require soap when in use).

Microfiber cloths

Microfiber cloths should be included in your list because it is an excellent solution to reduce household dust. Traditionally, you go for feather dusters but they are disposable things. A microfiber will last a long time. It gets surfaces clean on its own or with a little amount of water. It will not scratch the surface nor leave any streaks behind.

Scrub brush

Scrub brush is handy. You can use it if you want to get tough stains out of the picture from your car mats to your cement patios, garage floors, fireplace walls, grout, garbage cans and many more.