CBD Oil Hack: How to Select the Ideal CBD for You

You have heard about CBD (Cannabidiol) being one of many active compounds found in cannabis sativa plant. It is non-psychoactive with a number of medical benefits. Many people consider this because it allows them to take advantage of therapeutic benefits without leaving them with a “stony” feeling.

If you are a medicinal cannabis user, you already know that medicinal cannabis is growing fast especially after its legalisation in many states. There are a large number of CBD oil products available today. Although it is not a bad thing in itself, it can make choosing the ideal product more difficult.

You have to remember that not all CBD oils are created equal. With this, the quality, purity and its effectiveness vary from one manufacturer to another. To help you choose the ideal one, here are some hacks:

Determine the suitable concentration

CBD oil products like those offered in capsule form or dropper bottles come in many concentrations. The amount of CBD contained per capsule or bottle can be found on the packaging. There are some that list amounts in milligram while others specify concentration as percentages.

Many believe that higher doses have a more pronounced effect. However, if you are just a beginner, it is recommended to start with a low concentration. When taking, always start with small doses then gradually increase it – if needed. This is to observe the effects over the course of several days so you can make necessary adjustments.

If you do not see the desired effect after the course of several days, you can increase your dosage. Once the desired effect sets in, you can establish the best concentration for you. It is important that you do not skip this step so you will know what you need to have the desired effect.

CBD oils

Check the cost per dose

As with anything, the cost can be a factor when choosing a product that is suitable for you. In the case of CBD oils, highly concentrated products are more expensive but they offer greater value. As soon as you established the therapeutic dose, you can determine the cost. While you are at it, you should see whether switching to higher concentration would ultimately save you some money.

Know what you need

You must understand that there are two main types of CBD oils – isolates and full-spectrum oils. The former is considered a near-pure form of CBD while the latter contains other active compounds aside from CBD. So, what do you need?

The decision will be up to you. Keep in mind that both types offer benefits. However, full-spectrum oil is currently the industry star. When you purchase CBD oil, manufacturers usually describe their products on the product page. If you buy online, visit the website first.

Think about the delivery method

Aside from choosing the right concentration of CBD oil, you have to think about the delivery method. Most CBD oils come in dropper bottle form, which allows sublingual delivery.

Sublingual method means putting it directly under the tongue thereby making it an efficient route of delivery. If you prefer capsules, it presents discreet and controlled doses of CBD with ease. Some people even consider inhaling it through vaporisers.